An all-inclusive instant payments system will be fast, easy to use, open and safe, promote innovation and will deliver better services to Maldivians.


All Maldivians including the unbanked will be able to send and receive money instantly regardless of the island they live or the payment solution they use.

Transaction will be transparent with rich and informative messages for both payer and payee and will be received instantly.

End users will have access to funds in real time.


The process of making payments will be more flexible and modular.

Identifiers such as ID card, email and phone numbers can be used to execute payments.

The simple account to account instant payment system will enable innovation and support a great customer experience for Maldivians.

Introduce easy to use and cost effective digital and integrated payments solutions to eliminate cheque and reduce the level of cash in circulation.


Payment service providers will have access to the account-to-account domestic payments scheme, thus enabling digital and integrated payments services.

Open APIs and rich transactions information will promote data driven innovation and new value propositions.

The flexible and open system will invite new business models, business strategies and technologies.

Introduce two types of players in the Maldives payment space; Account Information Provider and Payment Service Provider, which will promote competition and innovative payment solutions.


The regulatory framework will be developed as the payments system continues to evolve, to ensure that the users and regulators have a high level of confidence in the payments system.

Standardised, automated processes and real time processing minimise cost and risk.

System errors will be minimized, and fraud will be resolved quickly especially at the early stage.